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Fortnite's Cube Returns For Season 7's Explosive Finale

The glowing cube fans call Kevin is back, and he's brought plenty of friends

Earth below us, drifting, falling Epic Games Gif/Kotaku

Fortnite players have spent the entirety of the game’s seventh season dealing with a growing alien threat. Now it’s time for the aliens to deal with the threat of us as we storm the alien mothership and liberate dangerous-looking glowing cubes in the explosive season finale event.

Though this was my first time attending a Fortnite finale event, having only recently gotten into the game, I am well aware of the saga of the massive, unknowable, purple cube that fans affectionately call Kevin. From its first appearance back in 2018, birthed out of a mysterious rift, to its explosion, which briefly transported players to another dimension, the saga of Kevin has been one of the more interesting things to come out of Epic’s battle royale game since it sprung to life and began devouring gamers back in 2017. Players love the cube. They want to know where the cube is, what it is thinking, and if it’s thinking of them.

In today’s special Season 7 finale event we found Kevin. And Kevin has friends.

Fortnite's Cube
Screenshot: Epic Games / Kotaku

In the final moments of Fortnite Season 7, players (including myself) were beamed aboard the alien mothership that’s been floating over the island for one final assault. The enigmatic Dr. Sloan laced a portion of the island’s landmass with explosives, and we players were needed to arm the explosives. Following a dramatic race through the mothership’s innards, we found ourselves in a large, empty room. As Dr. Sloan began to arm the explosives, a large, cubelike object rose from the center of the room.

Fortnite's Cube Returns
ScreenshotEpic Games / Kotaku

Harnessing the power of our backpacks, Dr. Sloan managed to drain poor Kevin of power, leaving us standing in the room with his creepy gray cube corpse. The good doctor arms the explosive charges and delivers some bad news. Rather than teleport us home and risk the cube escaping, she was leaving us in the ship to die. Bummer.

After a bit of running about the room in a blind panic, we players discovered our backpacks had the ability to recharge Kevin. Banding together we revived the cube, now glowing blue instead of purple, and the room we were trapped in began rising into the air. Then an explosion. Then falling. And finally ... to be continued in Fortnite Season 8. Watch the entire explosive event below.

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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Fortnite Mobile Review


Fortnite Mobile Review

Play the cartoony, goofy battle royale anytime and anywhere!

Fortnite took the world by storm, just like how the maps get engulfed in a storm every round. With its more child-friendly graphics and simplistic mechanics, it enjoyed a bigger demographic than fellow battle royale game PUBG. The number of Fortnite accounts exploded exponentially in a few months after release. Plus, the addition of being able to create structures at the drop of a hat brings a whole new dimension of tactics to the genre.

No other game came quite close to their explosive popularity, helped along by some prominent streamers and later, pro-gamers. It even took so little time in accepting the game as an e-sport, which says a lot about how popular it got.

Sure, now it’s faded a little bit in the background. Many players are not satisfied with the direction it’s going, and many formerly dedicated streamers have moved on to other games. Yet it still has a pretty big player base, and many players still enjoy playing the game.

Fortnite Mobile Review

What is Fortnite Mobile?

As the name suggests, it’s a port of the famous Fortnite game into mobile devices. With the cross-play feature, mobile players can play with those who use other consoles or devices. Yes, that includes PC, Xbox, PS4/5, Switch, and other mobile players.

Gameplay remains the same, with the player being able to move, jump, glide, build, and shoot. The only difference is the lack of a mouse and keyboard input. Of course, this can be difficult to play if not used to the controls, but it makes the game more accessible even without an expensive PC or console. At least, if the device is up to it, as older models might not be able to handle the app.

Along with cross-play, there is also a cross-save between the various consoles, as long as you use the same Epic Games account for all of them. That means switching between devices is an easy process.

Top Features


As long as there is WiFi or data and the device has a charged battery, you can take your Fortnite BR adventures anywhere! Play around while waiting in line or commuting somewhere. Sibling borrowed the console? You can just whip out your phone and play there. The possibilities are endless.

Fortnite Mobile Review

Cross-Platform Play

With a unified cross-play feature, you’ll never run out of opponents to battle with. Filling maps won’t be too much of a problem, and you can put your mobile skills against console or PC players. That’s an added challenge to the game!


By using the same Epic Games account across devices, your progress can be saved. You don’t have to restart in ranks or skins, nor handle two (or more) V-Buck wallets. That way there’s no worry that what you did in mobile would be rendered moot when switching devices.

All the Game’s Features

There’s almost no difference in content between the mobile and console versions. Whatever’s on the console, it’s also on the mobile version. That means every challenge, reward, and quest in the consoles are also in the mobile port. There’s no unfairness there.

How to Use

Download the app through the official site, as Epic Games had problems with Google Play and the Apple App Store. Currently, the only version available is for Android, as Apple has complete control over app distribution. Android apps have a freer distribution model, as well as APKs which make it easier.

There are rumors and talks of the iOS version returning sometime, so Apple users just have to wait patiently. Nothing’s set in stone yet, so it may be sooner or later than what is said. Rest assured that it will come, though.

If you don’t have an Epic Games account yet, it’s easy to make one. There’s also the alternative of looking for Fortnite accounts for sale, if you don’t want to start from scratch. Once you’ve gotten an account, just log in and play the game!


Fortnite Mobile is free to download and play. Players may use their real money to buy V-Bucks, which in turn can be used for various cosmetic items from the Fortnite item shop. As a F2P game, there’s nothing you can buy with this currency that will give you an edge on the battlefield. Prices of V-Buck packages range from $8-$800, depending on how many V-Bucks you want.



Play a battle royale match anywhere, any time.

Switch between them all console versions easily

Enjoy everything the game offers whatever device you use


May eat up battery charge while playing

Control can be clumsy or hard to get used to

Need a stable internet connection


Features: 5

Fun: 4.9

Port: 4.6

Mobility: 5

Total: 4.9


Fortnite Mobile truly brings the experience to life in such a portable device. Of course, some features might take a hit (such as graphics) and anyone unused to playing on mobile will have a difficult time. However, the point is that they were able to port a 26GB game (on PC) to about 3GB for mobile devices. That’s without having to cut out content for mobile!

Then again, what’s a little inconvenience when you can play whenever and wherever you are? You won’t have to miss scheduled team rounds with friends. There’s also the option of sitting around a table playing the game together when you meet up with them. No need to bring laptops or consoles, just your phone and yourself.

Why not try the game out and see for yourself why people raved about Fortnite BR? It’s all the content and features of the game in the palm of your hand. Despite the negative review of veterans, there’s still so much to enjoy about the game. Don’t let a few noisy critics ruin it for you. Play the game if you truly enjoy it. If you tried it and found it’s not your thing, that’s okay too.

At any rate, have fun playing Fortnite on whatever console you use!


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Beautiful Spots in World of Warcraft


Beautiful Spots in World of Warcraft

Somewhere you can stop and smell the (metaphorical) roses

Taking a break from farming feels so much better when you’re in a beautiful locale. Even embroiled in war, Azeroth still has pockets of these areas. It just goes to show that life still thrives even in a ravaged land. Some of these areas may not be accessible anymore, but that doesn’t mean they stopped being pretty. You don’t even have to buy WoW gold or anything just to admire the view.

Here are three beautiful places to relax in World of Warcraft.

Isle of Quel’Danas

Typically, any location where elves dwell ends up being eye candy. Silvermoon and the Eversong woods are also pretty, but Quel’Danas mixes the best of those locations into one. The island is home to the Sunwell, an artifact of power for the blood elves in Silvermoon.

The town, Sun’s Reach, is filled with the bright oranges of autumnal trees among the architectural marvels of the elves. It’s a look that fits its name, as the town is as light as sunlight. Even as you prepare for the raid on the Sunwell Plateau, it’s worth it to take a few minutes to admire the beautiful scenery of the isle.

Crystalsong Forest (and Dalaran)

As mentioned above, elves make locations prettier. They’re the cause of the Crystalsong Forest, a forest of purple crystallized trees that almost glow in the dark. Floating above it, at least during the war against the Lich King, the city of Dalaran hovers majestically.

Its purple spires coordinate with the forest below, making a pretty picture. Dalaran is a city of magi, not elves, though its architecture is also a thing to behold. Later, it moved to the Deadwind Pass in the Legion expansion. Still, the forest of crystal trees is a sight you don’t want to miss.

The Beach Behind Ahn’Qiraj

For those looking for a more private spot to relax, this beach behind Ahn’Qiraj is a perfect spot. There’s not much to do here but watch the Veiled Sea churn with waves. That means it’s not often visited by other people, and you can watch the sunset here without disturbance.

Sure, now that you and any other player has read this article, it may be more populated than usual. That only means more friends to enjoy the view with, don’t you think? A majority of players still prioritize leveling and strengthening their characters, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The Jade Forest (Shrine of Fellowship)

For those seeking a more normal sight, the Jade Forest in Pandaria is one to see. You’ll be surrounded by greenery and trees everywhere, which psychologically is a relaxing sight. Seeing it through a screen could diminish the effect, but what can we do?

One particular location of interest is the Shrine of Fellowship within the forest. Situated upon a peak, you’ll be able to see for miles and even past the forest. On the ground level, you can’t see much past the trees everywhere. The red shades of the structures on the shrine also make it stand out from all the green.

The Tirisfal Glades

For a darker version of the Jade Forest, the Tirisfal Glades fulfill that category. Elves once tried to settle here, which resulted in them moving away. The reason is that some of them went mad for some reason, and they decided to leave. Legend says that an Old God resides here and is the source of all the weird phenomena happening in the glade.

Whether that’s true or not, the forest here remains a beautiful, if eerie, place. Halloween or horror enthusiasts would love the atmosphere here, where it’s rather dreary, bleak, and a little lonely. It’s the kind of beauty that haunts you in more ways than one.

Bonus: Revendreth

Anyone who loves gothic architecture and dark elements would love to be in Revendreth. The Shadowlands area is filled with that kind of imagery. Also, the area’s storyline and leveling experience are the best out of all the areas in the Realm of the Dead. Ardenweald is a close second for its unique areas and mystical atmosphere.

However, Revendreth is better in the leveling and questing aspects, making the Venthyr Covenant a popular choice.


Saddle up those mounts (or get some WoW mounts for sale) and explore these beautiful areas. Forget about leveling and grinding for a moment and take a breather. Of course, with Azeroth being a big place, there are more unmentioned places to see and admire. Whether you’re there to take screenshots, share the view with another, or just be there to admire, these places are the best to do so.

If you ever find more of these kinds of places, don’t be afraid to share them! Keep enjoying World of Warcraft, and don’t forget to stop and admire the view every once in a while.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Escape From Tarkov Raiding Beginner Guide

Escape From Tarkov Raiding Beginner Guide

 At the start of your game, your stash will be given only a few starting items. On the equipment side of your inventory, you will have a secure container. Depending on which version of the game you purchased, your container will be 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3. Everything you put in this container will not be lost when you go into a raid. I recommend putting keys and medical tools in sicc case. Speaking of losing things, when you go into a PMC raid, you'll lose everything you carry with you if you die.

That is unless you secure your items, you will have the option to pre-load them in a raid. Securing your items means that if no one picks them up at the end of the raid, they will be returned to you about a day later. I recommend securing most of your equipment to minimize losses. To Escape from Tarkov, you have two options for a raid. A lucky scav junkbox is a container for the purpose of saving space within a player's inventory. This item offers 196 stock slots on a 14×14 grid and occupies 16 stock slots. Anything considered a barter item can be stored in it.

Before each foray into Escape from Tarkov, you have to make a decision: do you want to play the role of SCAV or PMC? The differences between these characters are significant, so it is worth knowing more about them before starting the game. This page contains all the differences between SCAV and PMC. You will also learn about the pros and cons of these combinations.

Getting into a raid in Escape from Tarkov is always risky. All the equipment you carry with you may disappear at once, forcing you to go back to the menu to treat your character and start over. But Scavs (short for Scavengers) is meant to give you another option.


When you raid as a member of your chosen faction, whatever you bring comes into play. However, if you choose to enter as a friendly scavenger, you will have a chance to escape with free equipment. You see, in Escape from Tarkov, the Scavs are basically the AI that terrifies you when you play as a PMC, but in this mode, you get a chance to run with the Russians.

When you play as a Scav, you will be pushed into a continuous raid at random times using random equipment, but you will not be attacked by other Scavs, unless you encounter them. You still have to beware of the players, but if you manage to escape, you will make huge profits while upgrading your arsenal.

Every time you have access to Scav, run Scav raid. I can't stress enough how important this is to you as a new player. Scavs, at least, always have a weapon with some ammo, which allows you to transfer the same gear to your bare PMC and give you a "free" PMC raid, as long as you survive the Scav raid first.

In addition, you can also get shields, helmets, headphones, and other expensive things like LAB's cards and keys. LABS cards generally cost between 150 and 200 thousand rubles, which can easily be enough money for two to three PMC loads, so if you spawn with it, it exhausts the extraction process.


If you want to get to grips with Tarkov’s gunplay or learn the methods of looting, your best bet is to try an offline raid. You can go completely alone without any Scavs just to get a good knowledge of the map or you can go in with Scavs and do a little shooting.

However, it goes without saying that the items you find in the offline raids will not be transferred to your stash.

How to Heal After Raid in Escape from Tarkov?

Before you begin to heal, you must know why it is so important to Escape from Tarkov. Unlike first-person shooter (FPS) titles, Escape from Tarkov is very realistic. Every injury is important and if left untreated it will cause problems.

Not only is it less HP that you will have to deal with when you are shot, but there are a lot of status effects as well. For example, bleeding, cuts, fractures, and pain will make the difference between winning a crossfire and being killed by enemy fire. Playing without healing will leave you at a disadvantage.

With that out of the way, let’s see what the healing process after a raid entails:

●       After a raid, a healing screen will pop up or you can open your stash.

●       Move to the “Health” tab at the top left of the screen.

●       From the menu, choose the relevant medical supplies for your injuries.

●       Select one, for example, a Medkit or Water.

●       When you select an item, there is a drop-down menu.

●       From the menu, select “Use.”

●       You can choose the quantity of the supplies you want to use by selecting a number.

●       Repeat for other injuries and status effects

This process is very similar to recovering during a raid. Both require you to open your inventory and choose a healing item.

There is a Use All feature in Escape from Tarkov, but it won't take into account how much you actually need. For this reason, it is best to determine the exact amount of supplies you need to reach your maximum capacity.


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Powerful Build for Nightblade in ESO


ESO Nightblade Build Guide

Wondering what are the powerful and best Nightblade Builds for ESO? With that in mind, here are some of the best Nightblade builds that Elder Scrolls Online.

1. Silencium
2. Bomb Magicka
3. Illusion Healer
4. Siphoner Tank
5. Solo Stamblade
6. Solo Magblade
With these best builds, you'll certainly have a great adventure. To be one of a kind adventurers in all of ESO, you need to have the necessary ESO items, and best gears, with that, you will need a lot of ESO coins also known as ESO gold which you can only obtain from the ESO market.

This infographic has been first published at Gamehitch

ESO gold

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Path of Exile Expedition expansion out on July 28th

 Powerful items, intense combat and new character customization options await.

An Expedition awaits. What a joyous time to embark on an adventure, detonate explosives, and fight off hordes of undead Kalguur. To what end, you ask? Riches, glory, and power. Of course. Path of Exile’s latest expansion can be played July 28 and includes all the hallmarks of the best games in the action RPG genre – powerful items, intense combat and, of course, terrifying, everpresent death. 

Path of Exile Expansion

In Expedition, you’ll assist Kalguuran traders in their efforts to recover the artifacts lost by their ancestors. Unable to fight the dangers of Wraeclast alone, they enlist your violent services to clear out their Expedition sites so that they may plunder the treasures buried below. You must strategically lay a series of explosives, detonate them, and then cull the deadly horde that rises from the earth. If you can manage this, ancient Kalguuran artifacts will be yours for the taking. Each of the Kalguuran traders provides a unique style of trade, offering the opportunity to deal, barter or gamble the artifacts in exchange for their tempting wares. 

Path of Exile Expansion

You may also discover Logbooks which chronicle the whereabouts of many hidden treasures from their past. These Logbooks can be crafted to maximize their danger and level of rewards. Take them to Dannig, the Kalguuran leader, and he’ll give passage to these far-off locations. These sprawling Expedition sites expose an unfathomable horde of monsters once unearthed. These areas can also contain secret passages which lead to exotic treasures and formidable bosses. 

Path of Exile Expansion

In addition to the tempting lure of hidden treasure in the Expedition League, you’ll also uncover 19 new ways to build your character. Path of Exile is all about customizing your gameplay to your heart’s desire and one of the fundamental building blocks of doing so is through skill and support gems. In this expansion, we wanted to really shake up Path of Exile’s metagame by providing a swathe of new options for character building. As such, we designed 19 new gems that are each themed around our Ascendancy Classes. 

Path of Exile Expansion

One of our favourite gems from this lineup is the new Summon Reaper skill, it was designed for Necromancers and summons a powerful minion which performs powerful attacks that cause enemies to bleed, can be commanded to attack specific locations, and literally feeds off of your other minions. There’s also the Spectral Helix gem which was designed for the Ascendant. It throws out a ghostly copy of your weapon which spirals outward from your location, harming any enemies it passes through.

As an extension of our desire to shake up Path of Exile’s metagame, we’ve also made some massive balance changes. The Expedition is Path of Exile’s 30th expansion since its Closed Beta, and because every expansion introduces powerful new options for character building, players are now more powerful than ever. The balance changes in Expedition will help to restore the challenge that Path of Exile is known for. We’ve also reworked our flask system to encourage more thoughtful, interactive gameplay and provide interesting new ways for players to mitigate incoming damage. 

If you haven’t played before, if it’s been a while since you have, or you’re a regular pro, this is the perfect time to play Path of Exile. Not only is it free to play but right now the entire community is taking up the challenge of finding the new best gameplay strategies and you can be right there with them. In a game where knowledge is power, having a shakeup of this scale really levels the playing field. Each expansion introduces a fresh economy and competitive ladder for you to make your mark in. You can also complete challenges in exchange for exclusive cosmetic rewards! Did we mention it’s free? (No, really – no demo version, no pay to win. Just cosmetics, if you want.)

If you find yourself absorbed in the world of Wraeclast, you’ll be happy to know that we put out expansions every thirteen weeks. We hope to see you there on July 28.


FINAL FANTASY is Rising while World of Warcraft is Falling?


World of Warcraft
          FILE PHOTO. Chinese Theater during the premiere of "Warcraft" 
in Hollywood,  California. © AFP / VALERIE MACON

Blizzard thought they had a monopoly with World of Warcraft. But PR disasters and rebellious streamers have allowed Final Fantasy XIV to challenge them for the massively multiplayer online genre crown.
The world of Azeroth has survived many attempts to destroy it, but it may have finally met its match.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft has been the king of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) genre for almost two decades, but the head that wears the crown is starting to grow heavy.  According to Activision-Blizzard Q1 2021 financials, Blizzard has seen 29% of its overall active player base bleed away in the last three years.

Two million players have reportedly quit Blizzard's portfolio of games since the company released its Q4 2020 results.  And all this comes on the heels of a number of massive public relations disasters ‘Blizzardvision’ (as some players are calling it) have inflicted upon itself.

Blizzard, which used to be the ‘gold standard in the gaming industry, has seemingly been in a steady state of decline since being merged with Activision.  Everything from its disastrous reveal of Diablo: Immortal – a mobile game that created a huge fan backlash at Blizzcon – to its banning of top-tier Hearthstone player Blitzchung for endorsing Hong Kong's democracy movement, has tarnished the company's previously immaculate sheen.  In addition, reports of bad working conditions and massive layoffs has company morale at an all-time low.

But nothing has seemed to hurt Blizzard more than lackluster World of Warcraft expansions which are criticized by longtime players as “lazy” and “cash grabs.”  The game's recent expansion – Shadowlands – has rubbed numerous players up the wrong way.  Not just in terms of a lack of story, but Blizzard's focus on shifting the game to cater more to casual players and mobile users is starting to have a real negative effect on its hardcore player base.

However, nothing seems to have had a bigger impact than World of Warcraft's biggest streamer, Asmongold, jumping ship from WoW to Final Fantasy XIV.

Asmongold, who has over two million followers on Twitch and 689,000 subscribers on YouTube, inspired a mass exodus to the rival MMO as he began streaming the 11-year-old game from publisher Square Enix.  As former World of Warcraft lead developer Mark Kern said on Twitter:

“So when Asmongold started dipping his toes into alternatives to WoW, interviewing Final Fantasy content creators and then, finally, playing it himself on stream, Blizzard was unaware or unbelieving of what was happening. THEY were the monopoly.

Even Asmongold was taken by shock at the sheer number of viewers his Final Fantasy stream attracted.  Even he had underestimated the number of dissatisfied and curious for alternative WoW gamers.”

It is important to note that in the streaming world, gamers are quick to hop on the next ‘hottest’ trend in order to get viewers to their stream.  And with Asmongold ‘striking gold’ with Final Fantasy XIV, the game has seen a massive influx of ‘WoW Refugees’.

So much so, that Final Fantasy XIV has begun breaking its concurrent player record on Steam.  However, its sudden popularity hasn't been without issue.  Many players are finding the game's servers continuously full, making it hard to log in and play the game.  Even Final Fantasy's European servers are packed, with the game's free trial shunting players into a “neverending queue.”

But the sudden rise in popularity of Final Fantasy XIV with the migration away from World of Warcraft signals one very important thing – ’Blizzardvision’ has taken World of Warcraft fans for granted, and players are starting to rebel.

Never before has World of Warcraft faced such a backlash.  Now, the real question is – can the game survive?  According to Mark Kern, the answer is most likely ‘no’: 

“The transition from WoW to Final Fantasy XIV has nothing to do with which is the better game.  It has everything to do with how one company has treated their fan base, because they thought they had an invincible monopoly.”

No matter which way one looks at it, World of Warcraft, and Blizzard, are in a fight for their very survival.

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SOURCE: World of Warcraft is dying...and it's being killed by Final Fantasy